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What to Consider When Moving Your Business to a New Location

Changing the location of your business can be needed due to a wide variety of reasons, such

as if the business is expanding, to build a better working environment for your staff, or to

gain access to new opportunities.

Regardless of why you are moving the location of your business, there are many things to

consider. Therefore, we have compiled this short list of some of the most important things

to consider when relocating your business.

Inform Your Employees & Consider Their Preferences

It’s important that the location of your business is accessible, so avoid moving to a location

where your staff cannot easily get to. You should also take into account the needs of your

staff, such as whether parking is available, and the amenities.

It is also wise to keep your employees in the loop once you begin searching for a new

location/office space. This way, they can feel like a part of the process and they have the

chance to contribute their ideas, helping you in your search for your new business location.

Also, nobody likes a surprise office move!

Evaluate The Needs Of The Company

Choosing where your business will be based is a very large and crucial decision, so we advise

considering the needs of your company, and how this new location could benefit the

business. For example, depending on the nature of the business, foot traffic may be

important, so property in a bustling area could be ideal for you if this is the case.

In contrast, a business that provide/sell its services over the internet may not need to be as concerned about foot traffic, as they likely advertise their company online and their clients may not need to travel to their office location.

If your company is rapidly expanding and you are planning to hire new staff over the next

year or so, then move to an office space/business location that is more spacious and

accommodating than your current one. It is important to think ahead when choosing the

location, as you want to invest in a property that serves you well and fits your requirements

for the foreseeable future.

It is also worth noting that, due to your leasing agreement, you may have to agree to pay for that location for a certain amount of months or years. Nobody wants their business to

throw money away. So consider your needs and the future of your business carefully before

confirming anything.

Ensure To Make Your New Location Known

Once it has all been confirmed that the location of your business is moving, give your clients

a heads-up beforehand. This can prevent any issues further down the line, such as your

clients sending important documents to the wrong location etc.

There are a wide variety of ways you can inform your clients and the public of your move,

such as putting a good old-fashioned banner up outside your current location (this is mostly

a popular choice for businesses that have lots of foot traffic), posting it on social media or

simply emailing your clients collectively.

Once you have physically moved into the new location, don’t forget to change your address

online, on platforms such as Google. Also, remember to update your company website,

business cards or other marketing materials.

The Bottom Line

Whatever the reason for changing the location of your business is, it is important to think it

through in a careful and thoughtful manner.

We hope that these tips have given you lots to think about if you have the idea of relocating

your business in the back of your mind. And if you are moving, we wish you a very smooth


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