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Three of the Best Small Home Business Ideas in 2022

In recent years, and mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge rise in

businesses that are completely run from home. Many people find the idea of running a small

business from home quite attractive, as there are lots of benefits.

The benefits of running a small business from home include flexibility, saving money on

things like office space and start-up costs, and many more. If you like the sound of that, read

on to discover three of the best small-home-based business ideas in 2022.

Selling Homemade Products

This is a great business idea, especially for creative souls who wish to convert their hobby

into a successful business. The opportunities are endless when selling

homemade products, and you have full creative control. Having full control of the products

you sell gives you the ability to make them cost-effective and of a high quality.

Popular examples of homemade products include food, jewellery, art, cosmetics and more.

Online platforms such as Etsy have made it easier for small businesses to sell their products

online in an affordable and convenient way, and they can also help you to build your virtual


In short, selling products you have created is an amazing way of sharing your passion and

doing what you enjoy whilst making money out of it. Remember though, if your products

are made to be either consumed or applied to the skin, there are regulations in place that

your business must follow.

Selling And Teaching Your Expertise

Thanks to online applications such as Teams and Zoom, you can set up an online video call in

seconds. Because of these advancements in technology and communication, if you have a

teachable skill, you can teach it to others over the internet.

When it comes to online tutoring, there are many different options, with online classes in a

whole variety of topics such as flower arranging, learning a language, cleaning hacks,

marketing and makeup tutorials. There are countless opportunities in this field.

The benefits of teaching your expertise are somewhat similar to the benefits of selling

homemade products, as they also include flexibility, creative control and translating

something you are passionate about in your work.

Selling and teaching your expertise online isn’t just restricted to tutoring, but also includes

virtual assistants or mentors, freelance writers and more.

Content Creation

Social media, blogging, vlogging and live streaming have all grown massively over the last

decade, and it is highly unlikely that this will decrease in popularity anytime soon. All of the

above come under the title of content creation, which is creating or producing content

online. In this industry, there is lots of money to be made, as we have seen over recent


The beauty of content creation is that it is super flexible, personalised and you can choose

the route you wish to take. For example, you could be an avid gamer that live streams their

gaming sessions on popular platforms such as Twitch. You could be a makeup artist that

showcases their work using apps such as Instagram or TikTok, or you could be a keen foodie

blogger who publishes their recipes on their own website.

There is no denying the opportunities within social media work, and it can open many

doors. Content creators can build a close bond with their audience, all whilst showcasing

their interests and personality.

Though a career in content creation can be a slow burner at first, it can eventually be highly

rewarding, and it is becoming a more popular venture each day.

To Conclude

So there you have it, three of the best small business ideas you can do from home. We hope

this article has been informative to you, and if you will soon be starting your own home-

based business, we wish you success and fulfilment.

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