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How to Work Smarter in 2023

As a new year is right around the corner, along comes the expectation of becoming a brand

new, improved version of yourself as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Of course, change is

possible, but realistic resolutions that will help you to better yourself whilst taking care of

your wellbeing too will ensure you don’t set crazy standards and don’t become burnt out.

This doesn’t just apply to life in general, but work too. Why completely throw yourself into

working harder when you can make more sustainable and achievable changes that will help

you to work smarter? To help you get started, here are some tips to help you work smarter

in 2023.

Practice Delegating

Despite many people finding the idea of delegating challenging, it is a key part of smarter

working. If you find yourself drowning in work or constantly at maximum capacity, you

should redistribute certain tasks to another team member instead of having to put more of

your time in.

There is nothing shameful about delegating, as it simply shows that you have the strength to

recognise your limits and effectively manage your workload. It is also a worthy learning

opportunity for other team members who can learn quite a bit from taking on a new task.

Although initially you may feel you are wasting precious time on training somebody on a job

you could maybe do quicker yourself, that isn’t the case for long. In the longer term, you are

sharing important knowledge that they will be able to use next time you need to delegate.

Look After Your Mental Health

Research has shown that in order for staff to work efficiently, it is important that they feel

happy, cared for, and fulfilled. Self-care should not stop at the door of your office. Looking

after your wellbeing is important for the sake of your health, it is not an indulgence. It is an

illusion to think that switching off your mental health will allow you to deliver more at work.

Poor mental health affects many things, such as a decreased ability to focus, lower energy

and even your collaboration and communication skills. Due to this, overworking yourself will

often just worsen your symptoms.

In order to work smarter, you should inject self-care routines into your work life. Examples

of these would be taking regular breaks, eating and drinking enough, going on walks outside and learning to say no when you need to. Also, communicate your feelings with your team members if you feel comfortable to.

Prioritise And Break Down Your Workload

If you constantly have a lot on your plate at work, it can be challenging to give 100% all of

the time. By prioritising and breaking down your workload, you will most likely feel less

stressed and more in control. Prioritising your workload is simple to do, yet it is often very

effective. You just need to find a way of organising your workload that works for you. For

example, that could be a checklist, a spreadsheet, or a calendar. It really is that easy.

When assessing your priorities and when particular tasks should be done, ensure you look at

their deadline and prioritise that, rather than aiming to fit lots of small tasks in so you can

quickly cross a bunch of things off.

You can save some time every day for small tasks and for any unexpected things that could

pop up, so make sure you set enough time aside for your larger, more demanding tasks. It is

much easier to be productive if you are not multitasking and constantly hopping from job to


Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you found these tips useful. As the new year

fast approaches, we wish you luck on your journey to working smarter.

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