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How to Make Hybrid Working Effective for You

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid working has become the norm for many people. Lots of people love hybrid working, due to benefits like an enhanced work-life balance and not

having to commute as frequently. However, many people are still adjusting to hybrid

working, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

A lot of people find the working-from-home element of hybrid working challenging because

it is often difficult to maintain the same levels of productivity you would have in the office

when you are at home. It can also be hard to maintain focus and motivation.

If you are looking for ideas for how to make hybrid working and working from home more

effective for you, then keep reading. This article is the one for you.

Maintain A Schedule And Stick To It

Having a schedule on working days can be highly beneficial as it provides structure and

routine. On days when you work from home, it is a good idea to start the day as if you

would if you were going to work in the office. By doing things like getting dressed and

keeping distractions to a minimum whilst working, you have a better chance of staying

motivated no matter where you are.

Choose The Location In Which You Work Carefully

When you need to sit down and work somewhere that isn’t the office, ensure to choose the

location carefully. For example, it probably isn’t a good idea to work from your bed because

that is most likely an area that you associate with winding down and relaxing. It could also

make it harder to switch off at night if you were to sit in bed working all day and then trying

to go to sleep later on in the exact same space.

If possible, choose a place that can be your ‘dedicated office space.’ Whether it is a spare

room with a table and chair, or the quiet café in your local town. It’s all about what works

for you and where you feel most productive, but also comfortable and as least distracted as


Take Regular Breaks

When it comes to working from home, many people feel tempted to work long hours in an

attempt to stay focused. However, research suggests that people actually work more

efficiently if they take regular breaks away from their desks. It is important to note that

stopping for a second to put a load of washing on or having a quick snack whilst working

does not count as a rest.

In order to stay engaged with what you are doing, it is important for your brain and body

that you step away from the desk sometimes and either go for a short walk or just sit

outside. Short breaks will help to recharge you to do better quality work, so make sure you

allow yourself them.

Communicate With Your Colleagues

Feeling isolated can have a negative effect on your productivity and motivation. Just

because your colleagues may not be around you every working day, doesn’t mean you can’t

stay connected. It is easier than you might think to become less collaborative when working

outside of the office, so it is important that you try and prevent this.

One way of preventing this is by making the extra effort to keep in touch with your

colleagues. There are many options when it comes to this, such as emails, texts and Zoom

calls. Just because you are working somewhere alone doesn’t mean you don’t have the right

to communicate! Communication is not also important for the sake of work, but is also

critically important for your own well-being.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

One way of maintaining momentum with your work is by acknowledging your

accomplishments rather than fixating on the tasks you have yet to complete. Rather than

putting continuous pressure on yourself, try to break things down into more achievable

chunks, and do not set yourself unrealistic expectations.

Wins of any size should always be celebrated, and it is important that you give yourself a pat

on the back at the end of each working day. Celebrating your achievements will spark

feelings of pride and happiness, and these feelings will make it easier for you to keep

working towards your goals.

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