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How Much Does It Cost To Work From Home?

Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of people working from home has grown hugely. Government advice and lockdowns have made it inevitable for many people and it has affected a large number of businesses and their employees.

While some people enjoy working from home, others face difficulties due to a few different reasons. Some people do not have a suitable work environment in their home, or they might simply feel unable to focus as there are more distractions around them. Either way, costs will occur when somebody starts working from home. So let’s discuss these costs and where they could come from.

Office Furniture

If you didn’t have a desk or office chair in your home before, you may need to consider investing in some office-style furniture when beginning working from home. Having a suitable desk space and chair is important if you want to feel comfortable and motivated whilst working.

If you are finding yourself doing your work from your sofa, or in a place you would typically relax in, you may be less productive, which is why having a desk/table and chair is a good idea. Though some organisations may offer to help you with this kind of cost, unfortunately, that won’t always be possible.

Enlarged Energy Bills

This is quite possibly the main cost to think about when working from home. Whilst your energy bills might typically be low due to spending less time at home, these could substantially increase as you begin to spend your working days at home.

It is pretty much guaranteed that you will start using more electricity, due to laptops and technology etc. But other bills such as heating may also rise, as you might need to have that on sometimes. Though there are ways to reduce these costs, they will certainly be apparent.

Storage Space

A lot of people may be challenged by a lack of space. If working from home is a new experience for you, you will likely not have a designated space to work. If you don’t have a spare room or area in your home, you’ll need to find one somewhere!

Due to this, it could be worth considering moving large or rarely used items into self-storage. This will likely be most effective in the short term if you have a wardrobe or bed that needs to be temporarily out of the way. This option will require some immediate costs though.

Food and Drink

Most companies provide their staff with refreshments, or sometimes even food depending on the sector of work you are in. However, if your organisation provides you with food and drink and then you have to work at home, they will not necessarily provide you with an allowance for this.

It is possible to keep these costs to a minimum though, depending on how often you use your kitchen utensils and the food you purchase. It is certainly worth budgeting for.

The Final Judgement

Despite what we have pointed out above, working from home can also save you money, especially in regards to travel and commuting. Before you decide what option best suits you, consider all of the factors and ensure you can afford whatever you decide. It is also important to note that as time goes by, you will gradually adapt to your working environment.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article! We hope it has been useful and informative. Please consider reading our other articles that discuss all sorts of helpful topics.


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