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5 Tips to Be More Productive at Work

When it comes to being productive at work, there are often barriers in the way that make

the idea of productivity feel impossible. Distractions, interruptions, poor time management

and bad organisation skills all play a huge part in being unproductive.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and habits you can put into place that will enable

you to be well on your way to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Although it

may seem like an alien concept at the moment, believe us when we say it’s achievable. Read

on to discover our tips and advice that you can easily incorporate at work.

Avoid Multitasking

It is so easy to fall into the trap of multitasking, especially when there are distractions

around you or if your workload is overwhelming you. The process of multitasking is

essentially switching your focus between different activities, which isn’t helpful when you

are trying to concentrate.

The truth is though, jobs will be completed quicker and more accurately if you try to solely

focus on the task at hand. It can be extremely tempting to try and take care of multiple tasks at once, but the truth is that this is not good for productivity. Try to resist multitasking if you can, to give yourself a better chance of increased productivity.

Organise Your Workload In A List Format

Writing down or typing up each task you have to do in the form of a list can really help you

to visualise the tasks you need to complete each day. It is also super satisfying when you get

to tick things off the list once you have completed them.

Gmail offers a useful feature called ‘Tasks’ where you can add the tasks you need to

complete in a list format which will appear on the right-hand side of the screen on the Gmail

tab. You can even add the dates and times and make tasks recurring, for example, if you

need to do the same job once a month then you can set the task to repeat monthly.

It is a very handy feature and one that I use religiously, so I’d definitely recommend trying it


Break Tasks Into Smaller Pieces And Set Yourself Realistic Goals

When you come across a particularly long-winded task that you don’t really enjoy doing or

sometimes struggle with, you can quickly find the thought of attempting it overwhelming,

especially if you know it is going to take you a while.

When you need to do these jobs, it could be a better option to break into down into stages.

So rather than setting aside a whole day to tackle the job, maybe do an hour a day or so. As

long as you are allowing yourself enough time to complete the task before the deadline (if

there is a deadline that is), then you may find it helpful and the task a lot more manageable.

Setting yourself realistic and achievable goals along the way can also help you to be more

productive and find the thought of your tasks less daunting.

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks throughout the working day can really help you to feel less

overwhelmed and can help your mind to recuperate after completing a mentally demanding

task. No human, not even the highly productive ones, can sit still and maintain focus for 8

hours straight.

Research shows that taking short breaks increases motivation and productivity, so it’s a win-

win really. Taking a few moments away from the desk will give your mind some time to

recharge and destress. It is certainly worth putting into practice at work.

Eliminate Distractions

When trying to maintain optimum productivity levels, it’s a good idea to eliminate any

distractions around you. For example, if you know you can’t work with your phone in sight,

move it somewhere out of reach for the time being so you will be less tempted to use it

whilst working.

Another idea is to put headphones in if you know you are easily distracted by office chatter.

Although it is important to engage with your colleagues, it is also important to put your

head down and get your work completed. Distractions can often lead to procrastination, so

if you can, keep distractions to a minimum.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that being productive is a much more achievable goal than it may initially

seem. There are lots of habits and techniques you can implement and test, allowing you to

find out what the most effective options are for you.

We hope you have found our tips useful and we wish you the best of luck in your journey to

maximum productivity.

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