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Increase Revenue With These Easy Social Media Tips

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Social media is the bees knees baby! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 15 years you already know that social media has revolutionised the way businesses do marketing and how they engage with their clients. However its not as simple as your may think! Both small business and huge corporations are utilising social media and reaping huge rewards. Are you making the most of your social media potential for business growth and exposure?

Social media is the like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it. with over 4.48 billion users worldwide across tens of platforms its certainly here to stay. Check out these three tips to make sure you are getting the most bang for your social media buck.

Establish Your Brand

Its never been easier to build a brand from scratch for your business. Social media is the perfect tool to curate the way the world see's and interprets your message. Whether you are a small business in Essex or a huge global company, you have the same chance to build a unique brand that sails the waves of clicks and shares.

To get started with social media branding follow this simple Three Step plan

  1. Set your branding with logos & Colour schemes ( See an expert if you aren't the artsy type! )

  2. Plaster all of your social media with the same logos, images, memes and offers using the same format. Use the same colours and styles that you use on your website!

  3. Engage, Engage, Engage! Social media is the king when it comes to engaging with your customers and people in your industry. Never turn down the opportunity to engage with your audience!

Grow your business

Did you know 20% of all businesses fail in the first 12 months! A harsh truth, if only that 20% focussed on social media to expand their business! Using social media wisely could be the one thing your business is missing in those rough early days. With billions of users spending an hour a day on average online, its never been easier to get your offer in front of people!

Even a beginner can increase the traffic to their business website using social media. Once you have the basics under wraps its time to start with ads! Most social media platforms have their own way to boost your social media posts with paid advertising! Show your posts to millions in just a few clicks!

Consistency is key

Build it and they will come right? Wrong!

Social media is an algorithm driven venture. Have you ever engaged with a picture of a cute kitten on your Facebook feed? then noticed that cute kittens follow you across your other social media platforms? That is the algorithm realising you like cute kittens. These algorithms are very skilled at working out what you like and putting in front of you.

As business owners we can take advantage of these algorithms by being consistent and showing social media platforms that we are worthy of them sharing our messages! Being consistent with regular updates, posts and engagement lets Facebook know that our profiles encourage engagement! And when it comes to social media engagement is a key metric! They want users to see engaging material because it means people spend more time on the platforms! make sure your profile is full of high quality content that gets people engaging!

Wrapping Up

Social media can make or break your business if used correctly. To wrap everything up, make sure you are doing the following on your business social media pages:

  1. Branding - Use every chance to show of your brand with a continuous brand image across your website and all social media platforms!

  2. Growth - Use these platforms to grow your business by engaging with your audience and using post boosting to get your posts in front of millions of people!

  3. Consistency - Keep it regular! Feed the algorithm by posting on a regular schedule and never missing a chance to engage with your audience.

Use these tips and see your business dominate social media!

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